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Marc Fontana, Sales manager
After struggling for years without PBX system we decided to take a step forward.
Ben Jordan, CEO
We switched 3 month ago from our local exchange mail to Google Apps Premier solution ..
Linda Forest, Owner
I guess we are one of the last companies who were operating in the Bay Area without a
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Google Apps Marketplace - Insightly: Free simple CRM and Project Management

Google Apps Premier Implementation Google Apps Premier Implementation

This article contains a detailed description of the implementation process used in a hospitality organization which includes the analysis of challenges faced by the organization, the different options that were available, and the solutions provided.

Managing Relationships with Clients Managing Relationships with Clients

As our company grew, we began to struggle with developing a centralized solution for managing our customers’ information. Most of the information was saved in files on our computers, and we were able to access it fairly quickly thanks to a hierarchic folder structure.

thatWise is an extension of 911 PC Help, an established Silicon Valley company with 10 years of IT experience serving customers in the Bay Area. Over the years the owner of 911 PC Help discovered that many small businesses were overpaying for IT-related services and having a hard time managing these services effectively. Out of this experience, thatWise was born to help small businesses reduce IT-related expenses and increase productivity.
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